Decision Intelligence Software for Transportation Professionals

Access your entire transportation network in one platform, enabling a 360-degree view of your company.

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Transform Your Business Today


Execute business scenarios and get out in front of your most pressing shipping challenges. 


Bring calm to the chaos with the power to predict shipping volume, optimal carriers, pricing, and more. 


Make your data actionable and communicate insights to your team, employees, customers, and vendors.

A Complete Analytics Experience Specific to the Transportation Industry

Cost Avoidance

Leverage investigative analytics utilizing advanced AI and machine learning software capabilities to identify consolidation opportunities, out of area shipments, accessorial increases, and carrier performance.

Customer Retention / Growth

Enhance your customer experience and improve your ability to innovate new products and services with data science. 


Drive growth and efficiency by unlocking untapped opportunities lurking in your organization including data management / report generation, opportunity management, capacity management and employee results.

Solving Transportation's Most Critical Business Problems

Unexplained Increasing Freight Cost

Anomaly configuration and real-time alerts help avoid increasing costs and allow you to act quickly. Third Axiom will enable your team to identify opportunities to source alternative carrier pricing and capacity if issues persist or disruptions occur.

No Visibility into Business Shifts

Trend/goal modeling and anomaly detection by Third Axiom can detect changes in lane volume, lane rates, lane by mode, lane by carrier, etc., and flag new shipments meeting with exceptions to the trend/goal.

Insufficient and Unreliable Trend Data

Third Axiom provides you with near real-time management of shipment volumes for contract and carrier performance, margin management, and customer satisfaction. Know exactly what’s happening with volume by customer, lane, and carrier.

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